Poetry collection: The Naming of Cancer

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Naming Of Cancer Cover PNG (large)

My second poetry collection is a pamphlet titled The Naming of Cancer, published in November 2014 by Neon Books. (Neon calls it a chapbook. Basically, it’s a short collection.)

Poems include “Gardens” (which originally appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association) and “Bait” (Northwords Now).


Claire Askew of One Night Stanzas says that the collection “is not a cheery read, but it is by no means depressing or hopeless. Rather, this is a collection in which hope is faint and distant, but not gone.”

Sabotage Reviews notes that “this collection will chime with anyone whose loved ones have been through the ordeal of cancer. Whilst it does look the disease square in the face, it also has at its heart an inspirational love story which the cancer serves to deepen rather than destroy.”


Neon sells both print and e-versions. I also sell copies at readings.


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