Novel: The Girl in the Bunker

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The Girl in the Bunker - Tracey S. Rosenberg

The Girl in the Bunker was published in the UK in July 2011. It is now out of print. However, a new e-book edition is coming out soon (it’s the end of January 2015 as I write this, and I think “soon” means “within a couple of months”) and this time it will be available in the US as well as the UK.


Scotland on Sunday‘s Books of the Year, November 2011: The Girl in the Bunker was selected by Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

The Scottish Review of Books, November 2011 (vol. 8 no. 1): ‘an original idea executed with care and assuredness’…’Rosenberg gives an excellent account of a confused young girl’s perspective’. (Lesley McDowell)

The Big Issue, August 1-7 2011 (no. 847), 4 stars: ‘gripping family-based thriller’…’written with a keen instinct for a hook but also plenty of depth, it’s a fascinating look at the mentality prevalent in the last days of Nazi Germany’. (Doug Johnstone)

The UK Amazon page has some reviews, and so does the US Amazon page, which is odd as it was never published in the US, but I’m glad people found it!


I’ll update this once the new e-book editions are available.

Otherwise you can always check Bookfinder, which usually seems to have some copies.


The Institute of Historical Research published my brief essay on historical research: Researching the Nazis: The Girl in the Bunker


I’m more than happy to come speak to your book group. Cargo is happy to consider offering discounted rates for book groups, no matter what the size. I’ve spoken with book groups in the Netherlands, France, and Scotland, so even if you’re fairly far afield, please get in touch!

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I'm a novelist and poet (both page and performance). I've published a historical novel, The Girl in the Bunker, and two poetry pamphlets, Lipstick is Always a Plus and The Naming of Cancer. I've won a Fulbright scholarship in creative writing and a New Writers Award from the Scottish Book Trust.

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