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February 20, 2016 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Earlier this month, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the San Francisco Writers Conference. I would like to thank British Airways for having a ridiculous sale several months ago, and my friends A&J&I&C for letting me stay in their spare room, and Linda Lee and her team for organizing the 70+ volunteers. (As I know from similar experience, this can be one of the most difficult and least rewarding jobs ever.)

Even though I was a volunteer rather than a paid attendee, and thus had some commitments which meant I couldn’t attend all the panels I would have liked, I learned a lot of useful things. One of those useful things was that a newsletter is a fantastic way to develop a fanbase. It turns out that I’d thought about starting a newsletter back in 2014, and gave it up for some reason, so now I’ll be starting it again.

I’ll still keep the blog, but as you can tell, it’s a bit sporadic around here. Some of the advantages of a newsletter are:

– it feels chattier to write an email which is going straight to you, my lovely readers, than to post something that swirls around in the ether;
– I can write smaller tidbits, and feel less pressured to come up with A Grand Unifying Theory for a single blogpost;
– I can be more timely about announcing events, and I can combine those with writing advice that I’ve gleaned over the years, so it won’t be just COME SEE ME/READ ME/BUY MY STUFF;
– keeping up with blogs can be annoying, but with a newsletter you don’t have to do anything (apart from signing up) – it will magically appear in your inbox, and if you’re busy, there’s no pressure to read it;
– MailChimp is scrupulous about ensuring that you aren’t spammed, so your address will never be sold, and if you decide to unsubscribe, it’s easy and you’ll never be re-added;
– if you sign up for my newsletter, I will do my darndest to sign up for yours.

Also, I’m supposed to use more images. Here’s one from when I was filmed for BBC2 (and there’s a funny story about that which I could tell you…in a newsletter!):

I am a bit too starstruck here

I am a bit too starstruck here

I plan to send the first entry in early March, and I’ve already written segments about appearing in an Anti-Slam and being told I’ll be translated into Italian (oh, sì! Sì! Sìììì!). Topics I hope to cover in the future include:

– volunteering at literary festivals – what’s it like from the inside? How do you even get involved?;
– how I got a story into Best British Short Stories 2015;
– why I stopped doing spoken word but came back again, a little;
– keeping track of submissions;
– how to get writing grants;
– anything else writing-related that comes into my head and I feel the need to share.

And apparently, saying that the content is exclusive is a big bonus when it comes to newsletters, so you will be exclusively enlightened. (Not in a Buddhist sense. Unless my dad is a guest writer, that is.) I tend to keep my current projects close to my chest, but I’ll talk about them to you!

Intrigued? Sign up right here. I hope to be emailing you soon!


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