New poetry collection: The Naming of Cancer

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September 17, 2014 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

I’m thrilled to announce that everything is going smoothly for the publication of my second poetry collection, The Naming of Cancer. Neon Books will be publishing it at the end of November, and I’ll be having the launch at the Scottish Poetry Library during Book Week Scotland. (Details to follow.)

And now I have an official webpage, complete with two sample poems and ordering information.

Krishan (Neon Books editor, grande honcho, and all-around good guy) and I decided not to have a blurb on the back of the book. Let’s face it, blurbs on the backs of poetry books are often globs of grand-sounding adjectives with little substance, and often don’t give you the slightest information about what the book contains or whether you want to read it. However, for the website, Krishan wrote a description which I like very much:

This fourteen-poem volume begins in a hospital, and from there explores the experience of cancer from a multitude of perspectives, from the person struggling to survive the disease to the spouse pacing in the waiting room, the oncologist doubting his own ability to diagnose, and even the cancer cells themselves, mourning their host body even as they destroy it. The Naming Of Cancer is anything but an easy read, but is certainly a necessary one.

And he mentions that many of these poems (probably all, come to think of it) were written and/or revised during my New Writers Award mentorship. Since my full-length collection hasn’t yet found a publisher, I’m particularly happy that these poems have made it into the world together.

You can pre-order now – the book is £4 plus £1 shipping. There will also be an e-version for those who prefer. Or you can come to the launch, or one of the other events where I’ll be reading/selling/promoting – I’ll post about those in due course.

And if you happen to see me, please ask for a bookmark!


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