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April 26, 2014 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Yeah, I guess that ‘post more’ resolution didn’t come to much. So here’s a quick roundup of the past few months:

My poem “Compline”, one of my favourites, was in Gutter issue 10.

“Shabbat in the Rockies” which (as previously mentioned) won first place in the Mountaineering Council of Scotland poetry competition, was published in their journal. Thankfully, it was on the website before that and I realised that the final line had been omitted, in time to have it corrected for the print version. (The stanza breaks aren’t there either, in case you’re wondering why I wrote such a long poem without any!)

I won’t try to repeat my victory, because I’m a judge this year. If you’re a writer based in the UK, please do enter. The deadline is 31 August.

I had three poems published in Neon Magazine, which leads me to my big news:

My second poetry chapbook, Cancer Villanelle The Naming of Cancer is in press!

[We changed the name for various reasons and I think it works a lot better. Plus, who can resist a TS Eliot riff?]

Krishan Coupland, editor extraordinaire of Neon, decided to start publishing pamphlets and chapbooks. (He defines the former as containing just a few poems, or one piece of prose; the latter are are up to forty pages.) I went through the usual submission process, and came out a winner. We’re currently in the “firming up the contract” phase and once that’s done we can move on to the editorial stuff. I’m hoping there won’t be much to do on that front, since all but one the poems have been published, but of course there might be tweaks. I tend to feel that poems should be published in a book in the same form they were first let loose on the world, but I’m willing to be advised otherwise; I guess it’s partly that I always find things to change, and if I don’t draw a line under it somewhere, I will possibly never stop.

Recently, I spent two weeks at the Banff Centre on their Spoken Word programme. I’m deeply grateful to the Banff Centre’s generous financial aid programme (and to my sponsor – hope you liked the pie chart!) and to Creative Scotland for their financial assistance. I think that needs to be a separate blog entry, but if you’re a spoken word artist, or trying to be one, you should apply if at all possible. I’m still not sure I’m a spoken word artist, though enough of my fellow course members said “really?” that I should probably stop thinking that.

I’ll definitely have a new entry up on May 12, as I’ve been tagged in a bloggy chain letter about the writing process. I’ll be following in the footsteps of Sara Sheridan, author of the Mirabelle Bevan mysteries (among other great books). Now I need to tag a writer to follow me!

And to end this entry on a funny note: last week, just before the bank holiday weekend, I received an unexpected package. (Turned out to be a gift from my boss: this hamper, including the cookbook. I heart my boss!) My appreciation of the Fedex person, who left it rather than making me have to schedule a redelivery, was augmented by my amusement at the way they hid it under the doormat.

box under mat

Try to spot the box under the mat! Don’t worry if you can’t find it! It’s very well-hidden!


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