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January 6, 2014 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Happy new year to all. One of the things I sort of like about the UK is that businesses (not shops and restaurants, of course) close down over Christmas and New Year, which can be relaxing, but on the other hand if you are waiting for money or need to get something done, you can basically kiss an entire fortnight goodbye.

However, I accomplished many things over the holiday period – not as much as I would have liked, but that’s probably standard.

I read ten books, two of them from the Poetry Books Society which I love to bits because I get 20 books of poetry a year for £160 (which is about the price I’d pay for them anyway, but it’s far more convenient to have them arrive in the post) and they are all the new stuff so I’m not perpetually years behind. More like months behind, really.

I wrote the first of 52 poems prompted by Jo Bell’s Fifty-Two project (the other 51 are to follow on a quasi-weekly basis).

I wrote a grant application, and put a new chapbook manuscript together specifically for a competition (which worked much better than I thought it would), and edited a poem that wasn’t working as a poem into something else it works much better as. I sent out at least 25 submissions. I, er, ate more M&S All Butter Viennese Biscuits than one person really has the right to eat.

And I made soup and lasagne and risotto (not in the same pan), and did multiple loads of laundry, and caught up on the Doctor Who specials, and backed up my hard drive. So there’s some virtue in there along with the butter cookies.

Also, I’ve been off Facebook for two months. I was getting annoyed with how much time it was sucking out of my life, and haven’t found a reason to go back yet, though I probably will if only to adjust all the notification settings. I have, of course, found a new time-wasting site, that being Twitter, but at least there I see many poetry contest notifications and alerts about lost teddy bears. If you’re over there (and even if you’re not), I’m @tsrosenberg

Hopefully I will blog a bit more this year.


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