Book Week Scotland and me!


November 23, 2013 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Book Week Scotland is nearly here, and I am involved in many events (both BWS and not), so here’s a round-up of events you might want to go to if you’re in Edinburgh. If you’re not interested in these, there are zillions of others, so hopefully you can find something you like!

Sunday 24 November, Shore Poets (Henderson’s @ St. John’s), 745pm (bar from 715pm), £5/£3: Shore Poets November: Gerrie Fellowes, Christine de Luca, Tracey S. Rosenberg. Also, you can put your name in the hat for one of two open mic spots! And you could win the lemon cake in the raffle. (I am also writing a poem about the lemon cake which I will read for the first time ever during my set.) All in all it is a pretty cool event.

Monday 25 November, Edinburgh Reads, Leith Library, 645pm, free: I’m appearing at a Book Week Scotland event at Leith Library, discussing my novel, poetry, and anything else the audience wants to hear about. According to the blurb in the Edinburgh Reads brochure, I am “a much-loved contributor to the Edinburgh spoken word scene”, which may be one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said about me. Copies of The Girl in the Bunker and Lipstick is Always a Plus will be available at a discount!

Monday 25 November, Doctor Who Open Mic Night, Blind Poetics, 730pm, free: A charity fundraiser for the Lullaby Trust. I’ll be headlining (after I rush up from Leith) alongside Dalek-master Kevin Cadwallender and sf poet extraordinaire Russell Jones, and there will be plenty of open mic entertainment.

Saturday 30 November, Dead Poets Slam, The Bongo Club, 7pm, free: rounding off Book Week Scotland, it’s a Dead Poets Slam I am organising in conjunction with Inky Fingers. It’s a poetry slam with a difference! Every slammer performs the work of a dead poet. Props, costumes, and over-the-top theatrics are encouraged, and prizes will be awarded to the top performers. Will Sylvia Plath go head-to-head with Emily Dickinson? Could William McGonagall trounce William Wordsworth in a nail-biting final round? Come enjoy three rounds of classic poetry brought to life!


One thought on “Book Week Scotland and me!

  1. I am ON one of the free Treasures books. Have you spotted me? Would quite like to know how far I’ve travelled…

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