The Toy and the Fringe and three footnotes

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July 18, 2013 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

My flash fiction “The Toy”* is now published, along with a lovely** illustration by my friend Q, at Smokelong Weekly. It will later appear in Smokelong Quarterly, along with an interview.

I’ve booked*** my third fourth appearance at/around the Fringe, so if you’d like to come hear me read (for free, even), here’s the roundup of where to go:

Monday 5 August, 1945-2045: An Evening With Samantha (a PBH Free Fringe Spoken Word event) – guest feature. The Street (2B Picardy Place).

Tuesday 6 August, 1215-1315: Alec Beattie: Animal (a PBH Free Fringe Spoken Word event) – guest feature. Fiddlers Elbow Downstairs (4 Picardy Place).

Tuesday 13 August, 2000-?: Poetry Scotland Edinburgh Reading – reader. Persevere Bar (398 Easter Road).

Wednesday 14 August, 1630-1730: Matt Macdonald: Conversational Tones (a PBH Free Fringe Spoken Word event) – guest feature. The Royal Oak (1 Infirmary Street).

* Is it okay to say “flash fiction” in that way, or must it be a “flash fiction story,” or other?
** For certain values of “lovely.” I particularly appreciate that you have to read the story to fully comprehend the picture.
*** For “booked” read “emailed and/or commented on Facebook status updates of people I knew, or who were looking for guest features, and said, ‘hey, can I perform?’ And they said, ‘yes!'”


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