NaReLeMo – Day 27 – nearly done

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November 27, 2012 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Well, I’m not going to ‘win’ but that’s partly because I had a couple of acceptances, so I shall not be too sad…. One of the nice things about this month has been that charting rejections means I haven’t been entirely glum about them. I mean, sure, there were plenty where I was spluttering ‘but but but I worked REALLY HARD on that and I made ALL SORTS OF GOOD POINTS about why I should win that grant and WHAT DID I DO WRONG?’

And then I said, oh well, at least I get to put another entry on the list!

(I am very fond of lists.)

Also, as is sadly the case, sometimes you don’t do anything wrong. Sometimes they have 7000 poetry submissions every year and they only take 150. (Such are the stats for Other Poetry – which, I am thrilled to say, took one of my sonnets a few days ago!) Sometimes the funding runs out. There are too many variables you can’t control.

But I am sounding as though I am wrapping up the month, and I am not, because there are still three whole days to be rejected in. Here’s the current list, and I’ll be back for the final showdown.

New entries in bold:

1. Science Fiction Poetry Association
2. Scottish Book Trust Writers in Schools
3. The Carson Prize/Mixed Fruit
4. Folkestone Writers Short Story Competition
5. The Carson Prize/Mixed Fruit sub #2
6. Neon Magazine
7. The Ilanot Review
8. A-Minor Magazine
9. Desmond O’Grady Poetry Competition
10. Thrush Poetry Journal
11. Counterexample Poetics
12. Mobius: The Journal of Social Change
13. A grant for foreign travel
14. SmokeLong Quarterly
15. Choc-Lit Short Story Competition
16. Lancelot Andrewes Awards (Southwark Cathedral Poetry Competition 2012)
17. Foundling Review
18. Redheaded Stepchild
19. An artistic symposium
20. Agent query
21. Dragon’s Pen at the Glasgow Women’s Library
22. Troubadour International Poetry Prize
23. Flash Fiction competition, Book Week Scotland (but my entry can be read in the image 3 pdf)


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