NaReLeMo – Day 19 – mixed bag

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November 19, 2012 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Sometimes it feels like you can’t get the dinkiest success, and then something big drops into your lap. I suppose there are various reasons for that. I haven’t had a poem accepted in nearly three months, and then last week I had a major writing-related acceptance. But I’m still getting a boatload of rejections, because that is how it works.

The book launch went splendidly – I love book launches; they’re kind of like wedding receptions in that you have lots of people from various points of your life all gathered together to say how lovely you are, and you can hand out candy (in my case, candy lipstick). Unlike weddings, you can wear a dress that isn’t a one-off outfit. In my case, it was a dress which had a rabbit on the front. Not a real rabbit, of course, much as Thundercat would have loved that. (Thundercat once, when allowed outdoor access, dragged home half a rabbit. The back half. Freshly killed, but we were never clear by whom. SO ANNOYED when I took it away, in spite of all the ‘good kitty!’ accolades.)

Anyway, here’s the latest NaReLeMo update. I just received an email from a residency which I’d been expecting to hear back on – turns out some of their emails never made it through, so they were chasing up who’d heard what. I expect there will therefore be a 19th rejection on the list by close of day….

Updated rejection list, 19 November:

1. Science Fiction Poetry Association
2. Scottish Book Trust Writers in Schools
3. The Carson Prize/Mixed Fruit
4. Folkestone Writers Short Story Competition
5. The Carson Prize/Mixed Fruit sub #2
6. Neon Magazine
7. The Ilanot Review
8. A-Minor Magazine
9. Desmond O’Grady Poetry Competition
10. Thrush Poetry Journal
11. Counterexample Poetics
12. Mobius: The Journal of Social Change
13. A grant for foreign travel
14. SmokeLong Quarterly
15. Choc-Lit Short Story Competition
16. Lancelot Andrewes Awards (Southwark Cathedral Poetry Competition 2012)
17. Foundling Review
18. Redheaded Stepchild


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