NaReLeMo – day 8, 7 rejections

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November 8, 2012 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

It’s day 8 and I have seven rejections! So I’m on track. Some of this is thanks to Kirsty Logan, who pointed me to the Duotrope Response Time Statistics. Not all of the top 25 quick-responders in poetry are suitable (or open for submissions) but it’s helping me augment the long list of previously-made submissions.

I’ll put an updated list of rejections at the end of all my NaReLeMo entries, but in order to have some actual content, I will also be commenting on rejection itself. Feel free to comment if you have anything to add, or want me to address a particular topic.

Today’s gem is one of the lovely rejection letters that make you feel almost as good as if you’d had a piece accepted. It’s from the Ilanot Review, which seems to have two different websites, and I am not sure which is correct, though this one is more up to date:

Thank you for sending your poems to The Ilanot Review for our consideration. We really enjoyed the descriptive language and images of your work. In particular, we liked [a poem that has been around the block many times] and we spent a lot of time discussing this poem and whether it was right for the upcoming issue. While we eventually decided that it wasn’t right for the issue, I want to encourage you to submit to Ilanot again. As for these poems, I know they’ll find more appropriate homes elsewhere. You are a fine poet! Good luck.

Well! That makes my day. And yes, I will definitely submit there again.

Editors are busy, paid too little for the work they do, required to make difficult decisions and break people’s dreams on a daily basis, and often hammered for giving any response that isn’t ‘your work is marvelous’. So I don’t get upset about form rejection letters, the purpose of which is to convey information. That makes the personal ones even more precious.

Updated rejection list, 8 November:

1. Science Fiction Poetry Association
2. Scottish Book Trust Writers in Schools
3. The Carson Prize/Mixed Fruit
4. Folkestone Writers Short Story Competition
5. The Carson Prize/Mixed Fruit (second submission)
6. Neon Magazine
7. The Ilanot Review


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