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January 4, 2012 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

I have a Google alert set up for The Girl in the Bunker and occasionally what pops into my inbox amuses me. Most recently, it was this question on Yahoo:

An overview of ‘The Girl in the Bunker’ Tracey S. Rosenberg? can someone tell me what happens in this book?

When I linked to this on my professional Facebook page and said, basically, ‘?’, a few people suggested it was some kind of book report due after the holidays. I don’t approve of using the internet to do your homework for you but I would love to read a book report on my own novel, partly because (I have to admit) I disliked writing book reports myself but am always glad to read other people’s opinions, even if I am shaking my head and wondering whether it’s actually my book they read.

Also, I’d be thrilled to little pieces if an entire class were assigned the novel!

Anyway, someone took it on themselves to post a ‘synopsis’:

Helga Goering is the eldest daughter of one of Hitler’s Fieldmarshalls and advisors.

Inspired by the 1936 Olympics, she knows that Hitler is obsessed with sport, so she endeavours to win his favour through Golf.

Even when war breaks out, she continues and starts to win championships, though the Berlin-Speigelei course remains the one course that defeats her as the sand trap on the 18th hole (Europeans call them bunkers) always gives her great difficulty.

This is Helga’s chance though. It is the great championship game and she and her Russian rival Anastacia Nikolaiovna will play in front of Hitler and Stalin

If she can win then she will have the Führer’s approval, but the game is even, the 18th hole is coming up and Helga shanks into the bunker.

Or you can read the summary on Amazon

In all my thoughts about the title of this book, a golf parody never even crossed my mind….


One thought on “Book report

  1. Mike says:

    So the kid missed the Zombies lurking by the clubhouse, eh?

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