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October 24, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Well, Easter Island was amazing. I walked and walked, I went into a cave which has two ‘windows’ overlooking the Pacific, I was befriended by quite a few stray dogs (none of whom looked neglected in any way), I saw (many of) the famous stone figures, and I got a wee tattoo of a sea turtle. It’s subtle yet I can show it off without having to readjust my clothing. Quite pleased.

Then back to Scotland for a couple of literary events. At the end of September we had the final installment of the Cargo Special Delivery Tour, where I appeared at the Edinburgh Central Library alongside Allan Wilson and Andrew Raymond Drennan (chaired by Cargo MD Mark Buckland who, I swear, has psychic abilities; I shall bring him the next time I go to the races). This was the first time I was body-miked, and thankfully the tech guy did a very efficient switch when the battery started to die while I was onstage.

Then in October I fulfilled a long-standing dream – okay, the festival is only four years old, so it wasn’t like a childhood dream, but still, I really wanted to be part of it – by appearing at the West Port Book Festival, on a panel with fellow historical novelists Sara Sheridan and Iphigenia Baal, chaired by Lee Randall.

Alas, neither Dundee nor Lennoxlove worked out, so I am currently not booked into anything, I have just realised. No! Not true! I’m going to Amsterdam next month for a book group appearance. My first foreign event!

Saturday, thanks to my New Writers Award, I and six other writers had a fantastic all-day workshop on presentation and performance. I consider myself to be a pretty good reader of my own work, but I found lots of ways to improve, so I am eager to try out my new skills.

And soon, hopefully before the end of the year, I shall be jumping on this Kindle bandwagon. You see, I have a short story titled ‘Lizards’ about a Jewish family in Ceausescu-era Romania, which I wrote when I was a Fulbright scholar. I’ve never placed it anywhere, so I’m going to publish it in electronic form. Thankfully, I have my publisher’s full support on this; I understand this is not always the case. I will, of course, let you know in this space when it’s available.

And I hope you are all well yourselves.


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