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July 8, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Launch day started with the realization that, like Jonathan Frantzen, I had a novel that had been published in not quite the right version. But as the only real issues were hyphen corrections, italics that had been added back in, and a front quotation, pulping was never an option. (Also, my novel was not Freedom and did not have a first print run of 80,000.) If you are lucky enough to have one of my first print run, you might put it in a dust-proof cover and store it in the attic to pay for your great-grandchildren’s college education.

Then I had sag aloo and rice for lunch. It was pretty much the only thing I ate until I got home that night.

In the meantime there were tweets and Facebook comments galore, and a meeting with the Cargo managing director about exciting things (articles, e-book cards, phone interviews, foreign rights). Then I put on my new dress and petticoat and belt, and scrunched up my hair a bit more, and used lipstick for the first time in a long time, and put in a new pair of contact lenses, and…went to launch my novel.

Photo courtesy of Chris Scott, Literary Paparazzo. The entire set is here.

I don’t know how many people were there but you can see a few shots of the room in that complete set. *starts counting*

Guests included: current boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, people from my roleplaying group, several fellow Americans, poets and other writers and people whose own book launches I attended, a few Cargo folk, ex-workmates from a variety of jobs, and my former MP, Willie Rennie (now MSP and leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats). I get a kick out of my book launch being a bit This Is Your Life. Oh, and there were people who didn’t even know me.

Sara Sheridan introduced me, and I read a bit, and we talked a bit, and I answered questions and then signed lots of books with the Cross pen I’ve had since I graduated from college, with many people saying they would get me to sign their copies later, and then there was an afterparty involving fruity drinks with Hundreds and Thousands around the glass rim.

(Non-alcoholic, in my case.)

People liked the dress, they liked the book, they liked me.

Oh yes, this would be why being a writer is AWESOME.

Still grinning, and I have another event on Monday in Glasgow, so hopefully I can keep this buzz going for a while. Thanks to Blackwell’s Edinburgh (who hosted the launch) and Waterstone’s Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow (where I’ll talk on Monday), and all the wonderful booksellers and events people.

But if you can’t make an event, you can always buy my book directly from my publisher. Please do!


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