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June 8, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

I’ve never been able to figure out exactly why I started writing The Girl in the Bunker. I mean, I was definitely looking for a WWII story, but I don’t know how or why this one lodged in my head. I do remember starting to think about it carefully while on a train from Birmingham to Edinburgh in April 2007, while occasionally reading a newspaper story about some young woman named Kate who’d been dumped by the guy who was second in line to the throne.

It’s been a long strange road since then, but now Kate has a variety of titles, and I have a novel about to be published.

Here’s the Facebook page about the event: And there, you can see the cover. There is a fantastically amusing story about getting the rights to that cover photo, but I shall tell you that at another time. (It is a picture of Joseph Goebbels and his eldest daughter, Helga, smiling at each other.)

The book is being launched at Blackwell’s in Edinburgh, which is kind of a dream come true, given how much time I’ve spent there in the last few years and how many events I’ve attended. (Blackwell’s on South Bridge = James Thin’s flagship store as was.) I read there last August as part of the New Writing Scotland launch, and even worked there briefly. And (pending official confirmation) I shall be chaired, or introduced, or somethinged, by the lovely Sara Sheridan.

NB the event is free but ticketed. They don’t check tickets so I think it’s more knowing how many people are coming and how many snacks to put out, and making sure they don’t exseed fire safety regulations or summat. Of course, in my nightmares, this is never a problem as the only people attending my book launch are a) me and b) my mean old math teacher from seventh grade who continues to berate me for reading books under my desk. (Yes, I was That Kind Of Student.) I suppose if too many people want to come they might have to start saying no, though I don’t suppose this will likely happen.

A friend who tried to get himself ticketed yesterday was told that I’m not yet in the schedule yet. You can phone starting next week – 0131 622 8222 – or drop into the store. Book early to avoid disappointment!

But if you can’t make it, never fear; I am already being scheduled for literary festivals. Watch this space, or watch this one to keep track of my public events. And you can always buy the book at Blackwell’s after the launch. (Or, yes, online.)

Now off to squee some more, and send more e-mails, and get my dress altered.

Preparing to launch! 29 days and counting….


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