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May 6, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

I’ve been writing a poem a day (in May!) and my New Writers Award mentorship is underway so it’s been a bit busy round here, and also I am listening to the election results, which is turning the entire map of Scotland yellow courtesy of the SNP whipping various regions into submission. (Seriously, they completely swept the North East’s ten seats and the BBC said they therefore couldn’t get any of the regional seats, and they still managed to pick up one of those.)

Okay, it’s not entirely yellow. There are still a few red and orange bits, and the blue wings at the bottom of the map which I presume will be gifted to England after the SNP gain independence.

Okay, they probably won’t, but I have a dystopian novel-in-progress that says they do, so I think about it a lot.

In lieu of proper commentary, then, here are some links I’ve been collecting.

First, a couple about me:

Paparazzo to the Edinburgh lit crowd Chris Scott has been working on a project in which he does non-traditional author photos. He blogs about them at and here’s the entry in which he discusses my photo shoot. Chris claims I am a ‘long term challenge’ for him. He should chat earnestly with my boyfriend over a pint…. NB I’m also in the blog header (next to Alistair Gray) and I’m not sure I don’t like that picture better, much as I loved posing on a spiral staircase.

My two sonnets in Standpoint are really a thrill, as political/cultural commentary is not a market I have ever published in, and as my co-poet Sarah Skwire points out, they treat their poets very well. Here’s my author page which includes a link to one of the poems, ‘The Oncologist’s Nightmare’. I only wish you could see the full layout of my work because it includes a lovely drawing that underscores the medical themes.

Now onto other writers you should be reading:

Sarah Skwire’s blog with a variety of raptures.

Isabel Ashdown discusses what authors should be paid for appearing at festivals and other events. My publisher (that would be Cargo Publishing, now official publisher of the Dundee Book Prize) is already getting me into various festivals, which I shall reveal here when the stars are right. I don’t know if I’m being paid for any of them, though frankly I’m still at the point where bus-fare-and-a-scone is considered a win.

And, finally, book envy:

Customized book side tables.

Another 12 modern bookcases.

Book floor.

20 insanely creative bookshelves.

Books for walls.

And if you can’t afford books for your walls, just get this wallpaper instead.


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