Poet Gets Paid, News At 11

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April 11, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

As I mentioned – or did I? – I have far too many blog entries to write, and I sometimes write them in my head, so they jumble up and confuse me when I try to write them actually – I have a poem (‘Bait’) in the new issue of Northwords Now and will be reading at the next Golden Hour on April 20th as part of their launch.

(Extra late-breaking news: on April 13th, I’m also going to be reading at the Scottish Poetry Library for an Edinburgh International Science Festival event – the Genomics Poetry Competition Reading Party. I’m not listed as a reader anywhere, because Pippa Goldschmidt spontaneously invited me on Sunday evening when we crossed paths at a different EISF event. Doors at 630pm!)

My contributor’s copy of Northwords Now arrived in a very timely manner, and then a few days later, I received a hand-addressed envelope. So when lovely!boyfriend Gmail-chatted from Down South and asked me how my day had gone….

tsr: Also I got a cheque for £15 for that poem in Northwords Now
tsr: Completely unexpected
l!b: O-o
tsr: So I will go buy that Topshop watch pendant after all
l!b: you got PAID?
tsr: Yeah, I know.
l!b: wow
l!b: I didn’t think you would get paid
tsr: That’s a pretty good way to approach poetry, frankly.

I’m sure many people wouldn’t get out of bed for £15, and that’s their right, but wow, it’s lovely to see a cheque with my name on the ‘to’ line. Thanks, Northwords Now!

(That pendant I mentioned: I don’t really own anything steampunk, but I very much like the aesthetic, and have been looking for a while for a watchface pendant. They seem to be Slightly Trendy, but most of the ones I’ve found have been too junked up or otherwise not really my style. This one is quite plain and now I can splurge on it. I’m also inadvertently commissioning a piece from someone on Folksy. I’d rather, after all, buy a handmade item.)


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