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April 8, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

So the other day I babbled a lot about medical poetry into Ryan Van Winkle‘s handheld little device, though I think the ambient events were more amusing (= we had to find three different spaces within the Forest Cafe because it was being cleaned all over the place, and Ryan swore a lot, though that’s kind of what he’s always like).

Anyway, I seem to be podcast now, under the Scottish Poetry Library‘s aegis. Also getting a grateful shoutout is Anon for producing this.

The best part is that my partner in podcast is Ken MacLeod, though we weren’t recorded at the same time.

I’ll listen to his segment and then maybe stick my fingers in my ears and hum show tunes for the rest. I’ve never liked hearing myself recorded, though maybe this is a good time to start. Argh. Here we go.


(Why won’t it embed? I used the embed code but it didna work. Pout. ETA: apparently this free WordPress here won’t allow it. Oh well. Please click the link.)


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