April Fooled!

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April 1, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

I cheerfully sidestepped April Fool shenanigans from corporations, random people on Facebook, Google (type ‘Helvetica’ if you’re so inclined) and my ex, but was roundly snookered by my publisher, who claimed that they’re publishing a David Foster Wallace manuscript. (No, they’re really not. They promise they’re still publishing my manuscript, though.)

And then last night I was actually following professional darts (I now know what it means to Double Out). Hello?

Anyway, what is not an April Fool is the slashing of arts budgets down south. (Money’s tight up here in Scotland, too – and not just because of the stereotypes – but we don’t seem to be facing the same gleefully-wielded axe. All hail devolution.) I am actually pretty chuffed that the Guardian was liveblogging it. Shall be adding Poetry Book Society membership to my List Of Things I Can Perhaps Buy Given That I Don’t Pay For A TV License (Having No TV) Nor A Mobile Phone Contract.

And we’re still wondering why the US government is so keenly interested in storytelling, but perhaps it’s because because the Taliban do it so much better. As PBS NewsHour reports, ‘”the Taliban blow us away” in getting its message out to the Afghan public by using poetry and music — means the United States does not understand or take into account. According to the studies, the Taliban uses “historical narratives, symbology, and iconic portraits…to engender emotions of sorrow, pride, desperation, hope, and complaints to mobilize and convince the Afghan population of the Taliban’s world view.”‘

My contributor’s copy of Northwords Now arrived, hooray. As previously discussed, online presence is great, but I still love turning the pages. (Also in the post: my poll card for the upcoming election. My Voice Will Be Heard!)


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