Golden Hour: Official!

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March 31, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

It’s finally posted on the internet and thus it is true: I’m appearing at the Golden Hour this month.

There’s no poster so I can’t hotlink post it here, but here is what the text says:

THE GOLDEN HOUR: Northwords Now launch!
April 20th, 2011
Forest Cafe, 3 Bristo Pl
Free! Free! Free! (byob)
Join us for the Launch of Northwords Now!

Readings by:
Tracey S Rosenberg – poems which fight dirty.
Ian Stephen – After 15 years in the coastguard, Ian Stephen became a full-time writer of poetry, prose and drama in 1995. The sea continues to feature in his work.
Hugh McMillan – works as a history teacher in Dumfries and lives in Penpont. His next full collection of poems The Lost Garden (Roncadora Press) is due in 2010 as is a Selected Poems from Shoestring Press.

Music By:
Wild Myrtles – a vocal harvest of traditional music
The irresistible urges – original songs and voodoo rhythms.
Eye of the Duck – post-psychedelia atmos-core surf metal.

I am not sure how my poems fight dirty, but I intend to come out swinging. And I don’t know yet whether my position on the line-up means I am in fact first, but perhaps I am and thus do come by at 8pm if you’d like to see me. I hope you do.

Oh, and you’ll notice on the sidebar, there’s a countdown. This is handy in telling me exactly how much time I have left to get nervous and freak out….


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