What I tell you three times is true

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March 11, 2011 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Three posts in a week? Madness, you might say. But I am giving a seminar paper in Not Long From Now and writing a blog entry is a much more sensible way of procrastinating than, say, watching every Zero Punctuation video in chronological order. (And I don’t even PLAY computer games. I once had Fallout 3 in the house, courtesy of Rhys, but realized pretty quickly that this was the sort of character-based game I could cheerfully donate my life to, so decided I’d just better cut that off at the knees.)

Anyway, I got a wee bit of publicity with my own personal breakout box in issue 13 of The Gen, the newsletter of the ESRC Genomics Network. (For those of you who recently joined, I had a Bright Ideas fellowship late last year.)

I’m also booked in for another meeting with Cargo, to discuss The Girl in the Bunker cover art. This gave me an excuse to go back through my folders of pictures of Helga Goebbels, with or without Hitler, and try to figure out which might look best with my name plastered across the lower third. The photo I’d always earmarked for this purpose has, it turns out, been used for another book and at the last meeting I had with my publisher and editor, we regretfully decided that we couldn’t use it. However, there are plenty of other photos, so we’ll find a good one. (And not one of Eva Braun in blackface, as recently announced by a British tabloid.)

I also did the final FINAL edits, which turned out to be tiny things (my publisher: ‘We’re not asking you to remove a character’; me: ‘Make Hitler nicer!’). One of the changes comes down to a single word that’s been plaguing us for months. A native German speaker was even consulted, to try and pin down the meaning. Translation is hard, but this wasn’t even translation, really; more trying to get the character essence. I needed something along the ‘fluff-headed’ spectrum that wasn’t brazenly anachronistic. I think we’ve got it.

And there are other things in the works, which I shall report upon in due course. As soon as I finish watching more Zero Punctuation videos.


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