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June 4, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Not part of the ten-publications-in-2010 challenge (though I’m up to six of those, which is definitely ahead of where I assumed I’d be at this point in the year), but possibly even more fantastic: I’ve been offered a visiting fellowship at the ESRC Genomics Forum in Edinburgh. They’re called Bright Ideas residencies, which I like, and the purpose is to bring all sorts of folks (scientists and non-) to the forum and explore various social aspects of genetics.

My proposed project springs from the poems I was working on for Base Pairs and Couplets – poetry, genetics, narrative, cancer, and identity. I’m also hoping to run some student workshops, bringing together scientist and humanities majors, and there may possibly be a public reading. Watch this space for future news!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the blog, I’ve primarily been writing formal poetry these days (particularly sonnets), and I’ve been intrigued by using the formal elements to strengthen/subvert/challenge the ways in which personal identity is affected by, essentially, medical narrative.

I haven’t had much time to do a lot of research into medical narrative itself, though a friend of mine I visited in the states works in this area from an anthropological perspective, so we had some good discussion and I raked through his bookshelves. I’m fascinated by the narratives we construct for ourselves – the way people tell particular stories about themselves, or explain their present based on certain elements of their past – and illness can throw everything into turmoil, so I’m hoping to bring all that to the table in the autumn.


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