3 of 10: ‘The Naming of Cancer’ (poem, The Interpreter’s House)

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April 27, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Seems like a good omen to receive an acceptance on the same day one begins a new job, no? In this case, ‘The Naming of Cancer,’ which is one of the poems I wrote for Base Pairs and Couplets. As with ‘Stories‘, it’s a poem that makes me wonder a bit about the inside of my mind, as it went from cancer to Jewishness to the Holocaust in pretty rapid succession.

Of course, it’s really about narrative, but then quite a lot of what I write these days is. During my trip to the states, I stayed with a friend who’s a psychological anthropologist, and we talked a lot about narrative and self and the construction of illness, so all of that will trickle through.

It will be published in due course (issue 44 or 45) by The Interpreter’s House, edited by Merryn Williams.

And now, tea break done (they are very big on tea breaks in this country – the first thing I was shown was the kettle), back to work!


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