2 of 10: ‘The Painter’s Wife’ (poem, New Writing Scotland)


March 22, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Yes!!! Got a piece in New Writing Scotland! *dances*

It’s based on a painting at the National Galleries of Scotland – I wrote it for the NG ‘write a poem or story based on one of our paintings’ contest but alas it didn’t fare well there, and as it’s over 40 lines, it wasn’t generally eligible for competitions and the like.

You can see the painting here. In an interesting bit of symmetry, Allan Ramsay was just mentioned on University Challenge.

And yes, the poem’s title is an ironic feminist commentary on identity, inspiration, the male gaze, and – oh, that makes it sound really boring. Look, there’s a corset being unlaced and I use the word ‘slattern’, so it’s really about sex.

Wahey! – it will be in the bookshop at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, assuming the publishing schedule is the same as last year.

(If you’re just joining us, and are confused by the entry’s title – one of my resolutions this year was to have ten pieces accepted.)

Meanwhile, Thundercat was extremely pleased to see me upon my return from StAnza as she has not been fed at all since I left. Not even once. No, it’s no use noting that there are several empty kitty food packets in the bin, and that my flatmate is protesting vigorously that he certainly DID – she has not been fed for five days, and that is the end of it.


One thought on “2 of 10: ‘The Painter’s Wife’ (poem, New Writing Scotland)

  1. […] The New Writing Scotland launch focused a bit more on individual authors, as six of us were selected to read and we each had around ten minutes, so (to my surprise) I was able to select other work in addition to ‘The Painter’s Wife‘. […]

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