Soup and StAnza

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March 15, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

The soup is ‘I soaked and boiled these butter beans and oh there’s a lonely swede left over from the organic farm vegetables and what on earth, pray tell, am I going to do with four lasagna sheets?’ Not entirely sure how it will taste.

StAnza is most likely more palatable, especially if you like poetry and/or St Andrews, Scotland. I like both, and I e-mailed to ask whether I could volunteer, and for some inexplicable reason they handed my CV over to the guy who’s handling all the booksales – well, it isn’t as though I haven’t been working in bookshops on and off since I was sixteen, not that I list all of those on my CV – so I’ll be lurking in the back of some of the events, hand on cashbox, waiting to sell poetry books AND getting to hear the poets. And there’s some kind of buffet for the volunteers. Possibly it will include soup. What more could I ask for?

Finally, neither poetry nor soup, but a publishing event on April 17 in London:

The event is called “Intersection:Publishing”
( and is an ‘unconference’ which will bring together leaders and practitioners from the disciplines of publishing, journalism, and technology. Designed to be a day-long “brainstorm”, it will encourage open and honest debate about the future of content consumption, application and business models. At a time when both content producers and media owners are undergoing fundamental transformations – driven by consumers and technology – the event will be timely. It will be held on the 17th of April in London, just before the London Book Fair, at a venue tbc–follow for all the breaking news.

The ‘unconference’ format avoids formal Powerpoint presentations, instead offering informal discussions based in small groups, interspersed with brainstormed presentations and discussions. We’re hoping this more relaxed format will allow delegates from different disciplines to meet, network and to deeply understand and challenge each other’s views. We’re hoping to cover a variety of themes – the future of e-books (and readers) in the light of the imminent launch of iBooks; how publishers can use digital developments to their advantage; the role of DRM in e-bookselling; the Google Book Settlement and other digitisation initiatives such as the Open Content Alliance–are some of the topics we’re hoping will inspire and stimulate lively discussion and debate. The informal nature of the event means we encourage participants to register their interest at the website, and would welcome suggestions for topics to be discussed on the day at:


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