I have spent much of the last month writing sonnets

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February 16, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Some of which (and I am going to use the technical literary term here) screw around with the form in a subversive and/or pleasing manner. Also, one villanelle, in which I not only mostly rhyme the B lines but work in an additional repetition, which was surprising.

(It is difficult enough to remember how to spell ‘villanelle’ without the automatic red-line-under-incorrectly-spelled-words having hissyfits regardless of whether I put one L or two in the first syllable.)

(It doesn’t like ‘hissyfits,’ either.)

Oh, and while hanging out at the bus station last week, I proved to myself that I can still write a sonnet in five minutes. I did this in high school, but have thankfully moved on from titles like ‘The Five-Minute Sonnet’ (although I’m still trying to find an alternative for ‘Cancer Villanelle,’ which took me much longer than five minutes).

Anyway, new public reading to announce: I’ll be participating in the WordDogs Weird Love event, which was supposed to be tonight but has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, the 24th of February, at 730-but-really-closer-to-800pm, at Art Bar Glasgow.

I’ll be reading two unpublished poems: ‘The Time Lord’s Job Advertisement’ and ‘Send This Person a Message’ (which, STRANGELY, the WordDogs people twigged was about Facebook). Apparently when I am not writing sonnets I am being pop-culturish these days.

I submitted four pieces, but these two are definitely the best for reading aloud – they’re both first person and a lot more colloquial than I tend to be in More Formal Literary Stuff. Must go practice by reading them aloud to Thundercat, who doesn’t tend to be much of a literary critic but occasionally can be convinced not to fall asleep while I’m reciting.


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