Monthly Archives: February 2010

  1. Life of the mind

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    February 28, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

    Given my current (precarious) state of existence – which, thanks to a) finally becoming British and b) being offered a …
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  2. Brief market report

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    February 25, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

    I don’t normally do market reports – for competitions, incidentally, check out Sally Quiller’s excellent Writing Calendar – but the …
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  3. I have spent much of the last month writing sonnets

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    February 16, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

    Some of which (and I am going to use the technical literary term here) screw around with the form in …
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I live, work, and write in Edinburgh. I travel to other places as much as I can. To contact me, email writingmostly at gmail dot com.


CURRENTLY READING: The Ginseng Hunter by Jeff Talarigo.