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January 3, 2010 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Which in my case seems to be a) avoiding doing the dishes (the kitchen has no heat and Scotland has been frozen for a couple of weeks now), b) eating slightly stale pistachio nuts, and c) writing/revising poems. The last is at least fairly useful. One of my resolutions is to get at least ten pieces accepted by the end of the year – which in one sense isn’t a resolution per se, as I can’t decree what editors will like, but it does mean I need to keep enough poems in circulation to have a reasonable shot.

I’ve also gone back to keeping a paper journal – all hail Moleskine. The one I received as a present is red, which is more cheerful than the one I would have chosen if I’d bought it myself (= black). It’s an extremely nice notebook and at times I feel a bit guilty for all the angst it is about to contain, but I also received a gift of some Hello Kitty stickers (I am not entirely sure why), so the angst will be mitigated by sparkly cuteness. If anyone knows any Uplifting Quotations please feel free to share them in the comments.

Shifted novel projects. Worldbuilding was becoming too overwhelming and I need more time to think about it, so I’m back to something slightly less extensive. Not that this means the plotting is easy, and this could possibly explain why I’ve drafted something like a dozen poems in the last month, because while a good poem might be extremely tough to write, it is also much, much shorter.


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