Some talk about knitting finally

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November 17, 2009 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Given that I’m not going to talk about querying until it’s all over (she says in a voice which is DARK and MOODY, which is how some celebrity chef the other week described his ideal chutney – seriously, dude, I’m glad you’re into it, but do ease off on the pathetic fallacy; it’s a condiment, not a Byronic hero), instead I will talk about knitting, given that I mention it in the tiny bio in the sidebar.

Not that I’m terribly good at knitting, but I enjoy it, even if my two-needle cast-on makes Scottish Women Of A Certain Age break out in hives. (I was recently taught a one-needle longtail cast-on but the other is embedded in my brain.)

(Of course, Scottish Women Of A Certain Age also have a tendency to assume knitting = babies, although all of my knitting on that count has been booties and hats for other people’s babies. Nor am I going to knit a Shetland Lace shawl that’s so fine it can be drawn through a wedding ring, though I am deeply impressed with anyone who ever has.)

Current project is the Yarn Harlot’s one row handspun scarf. I am not using handspun, but rather nice wool from the stash, though I’d love to spin again someday, having done it for a few summers eons ago. I like this pattern because it introduced me to a new stitch (I can knit into the back of the stitch! Go me!) and it’s very easy to remember so I can just zip through and it’s reversible and I joined the new ball without it looking too bizarre (thanks to the instructions in the Stitch and Bitch book) even though I had to frog and redo it.

It will be nice to alternate this scarf with my green mohair scarf, which was just straight garter stitch, and it’s a nice long scarf but it does tend to shed on my corduroy jackets.

The most complicated thing I’ve ever knit was a hat, on circular needles, and I once made five buttonholes.


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