Yeovil Prize – highly commended


September 29, 2009 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

I entered both the novel and poetry categories of the Yeovil Literary Prize, and last month when I was having a Very Bad Day I (for some reason) checked the online system and found that all four pieces I’d entered were categorized as ‘Was not Shortlisted’. Which just melded into the general grumpiness and I crossed them all off my list. (Well, removed them from ‘Submissions 2006+’ and moved them to ‘Dead submissions’. Which is not, I must say, as satisfying as scraping with a thick black marker.)

…except that either this was an error or I’d hit the online system at the wrong time, because my poem ‘Captain’s Colours’ has been highly commended.

By Carol Ann Duffy.

*shakes head*

*checks again*

My new contact lenses are going a bit blurry (must remember to keep blinking when I’m at the computer!) but I’m pretty sure I’m not hallucinating this.

*checks the online system*

Wow, that’s better:
Captain’s Colours
Work Highly Commended

After the top three poems there are nine highly commended. Out of 416. WOW.

This is a good thing for me right now. And not just because I get to squee about it to Ken Macleod tonight, but that’s always a bonus.

Many many thanks to the judges and administrators.


4 thoughts on “Yeovil Prize – highly commended

  1. Ken MacLeod says:

    I’ve always wondered what the word ‘squee’ meant, but was too embarrassed to ask. Now I know.

    Molto congratulations on the commendation!

  2. Liz Pike says:

    Dear Tracey

    The 2010 Yeovil Literary Prize is now open with a closing date of 31 May 2010.

    We’d love you to enter again this year.
    The poetry judge is the South African poet, now based in Merseyside, David Evans.

    For the 2011 poetry category we have Daisy Goodwin as our judge.

    To be Highly Commended you are an exceptionally good poet.

    Best regards

    The Administrator
    Yeovil Literary Prize

  3. […] out Sally Quiller’s excellent Writing Calendar – but the Yeovil Prize people found my squee post from September and left a nice comment, so: if you are looking for a place to enter a novel, short story, or poem, […]

  4. Liz Pike says:

    Hello Tracey

    I love what you have written above and am able to tell you that the 2011 Yeovil Literary prize is now open for entries. There are the usual three categories of NOVEL, SHORT STORY and POETRY. As mentioned, we have Daisy Goodwin as our poetry judge this year.

    We look forward to reading your work once again.

    Best wishes

    Yeovil Literary Prize

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