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September 11, 2009 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Editing is…tough. Occasionally exciting, especially when trimming the unnecessary bits and tightening up the rest, but tough. And fairly pointless to describe in specifics, since none of y’all have read the novel. (There is a small group of people who have read it, or parts of it, or an earlier draft, but I think the crossover of them + blog readers is zero.)

The annoying thing is that once this is done, I’m onto the querying stage – the query letter is as polished as I can make it, and the synopsis *coughmumble* – and I’m not going to be liveblogging that either, for multiple erudite and thoughtfully considered reasons which can be boiled down to:

1. I am not an idiot.

Seriously, I wouldn’t blog about a job search – ‘hey, this company rejected me with an annoying form letter! To hell with them!’ etc. – and I can’t see this as much different.

Apart from the actual facts, it’s a matter of attitude. Even when I get an agent, I’ll be facing delays, lost e-mails, seemingly incomprehensible requests, and outright rejection from publishers, foreign agents, the marketing department, reviewers, you name it. And I really don’t want to be putting myself out there as the sort of writer who whines in public.

(Private is different. We all get to whine in private. I’m sure it’s in the Constitution or something.)

Also, if all I do is post ‘the Thundercat Agency rejected me in 3.2 picoseconds with a form letter that indicates my true vocation is making macaroni pies for Greggs‘, then wouldn’t you seriously wonder if maybe this is the case?

As La Shark pointed out: you are not invisible on the internet. And as I mentioned over there: I keep intending to put up a Post-It note saying DOES THIS NEED TO BE PERMANENTLY VISIBLE TO YOUR FUTURE AGENT, YOUR MOM, AND EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE? (I always assume permanency, what with the Wayback Machine and Google caching.) The only reason I don’t have such a Post-It note is because I don’t have a computer dedicated to internet use, so I’d have to keep moving the Post-It note, and then the sticky stuff wears off and it falls down and you step on it.

I’ve read a few blogs where the authors post – and eviscerate – the agency form letters they receive. That’s pretty much the opposite of what I hope to accomplish here.

So I guess until I get to start posting ‘ooh la, sold the French rights today’ entries, I’ll largely stick to craft.

…man, editing is tough.

I think I need a macaroni pie.


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