Editing poetry on the bus

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September 5, 2009 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

It works reasonably well if you can drown out the screams of the small child setting himself on fire behind you.

In this case, I realized that the first two lines were perfectly good (after tweaking), and so were the last two lines (after being reverse-tweaked, because sometimes you make a change that doesn’t work), so I thought I was going to have to gut the middle, but it turns out that line 3 went in a random direction, so after doing a freewrite paragraph (‘So what the hell is going on here? No, really!’) I figured out how to bridge the gap, and how best to structure the list-of-five-items-one-of-which-is-repeated, and ooh that word is very cold but it can’t be.

Which, as I’d ditched my book on the way into town, was the perfect way to spend a bus trip on Saturday afternoon.


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