Making Mistakes Before They Matter

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May 10, 2009 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Sometimes gremlins sneak into your computer.

Really, how else can it be explained that I duplicated the first chapter of DNP, pasted in the next three chapters, saved it, copied it onto my USB key, moved to the internet-able computer, attached it to an e-mail, sent it, and then received an e-mail back saying ‘this seems really short for four chapters’? Because in fact there was only one chapter in the document? And when I go back to my USB key the document has four chapters?

Gremlins, I tells ya. Of the techy variety. (As opposed to the Trekky variety, because they’re all out watching the new movie.)

Thankfully, I didn’t make this mistake to Dream Agent. I made it to a most excellent friend who sent an insightful critique on chapter 1 and now wants to read more. Which means that the ramification of my error is that I might have to wait until she’s free to comment on the next three chapters, instead of getting a response this weekend – but that’s a hell of a lot better than a ramification of ‘the agent thinks I’m a moron who can’t follow instructions and/or a computer ninny, and I have to write a pleading e-mail saying “oops, here’s the rest”.’

And now you can be damn sure that I will triple-check every document that gets e-mailed out under my name.


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