Novel 1, College Basketball 0

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March 21, 2009 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Nathan Bransford, highly seeded in the Most Awesome Agent on the Web brackets, is offering a query critique (or a book from one of his authors, but I doubt most of us are thinking of THAT prize) to whoever wins his NCAA competition. I’m not in the running, as some pod person took over my brain when I was considering the relative merits of Connecticut vs Texas A&M, but it’s still good fun. If Cal-Stanford end up in a showdown in the women’s tourney I’ll offer a side bet. 🙂

(Don’t get me started on how the men’s competition is the default, needing no qualifier, but the women’s is the WOMEN’S tournament.)

Just finished (except for going over to smooth out the prose) the complete rewrite of chapter 1, a procedure which spiked 2000 words of excellent (if I do say so myself) character development and backstory.  But it was dragging down the momentum, and now that I’ve streamlined to one POV character, I should have room for some backstory tidbits further along the way.  I’m finding Donald Maass’s Writing the Breakout Novel workbook immeasurably helpful in the ‘need more tools in the workbox’ kind of way, and the ‘combining characters’ strategy is already looking quite promising.  The problem with writing a novel populated by historical people is that you – well, I – can’t simply ditch characters who were definitely there, but at least I can make them do double duty.

Thundercat is sitting on my lap, occasionally licking my hand in that ‘I am SO starving that I am going to eat your fingers!!!!’ kind of way, so I’d better stave off immediate disaster.


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