Maybe I should update!

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March 3, 2009 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

If I’m going to get hits from I should probably pop back in and say hello….

(Though I get roughly as many hits now as I did when I was regularly updating.  I suppose I get hits from my mentions of agents’ names and the like.)

Just had the full draft of DNP critiqued, and before I perform major surgery, it’s being read by a few more people (at the original reader’s suggestion) – and, amusingly enough, the query package is being critiqued by students in a college class.  Well, even if none of them are going to be editors, apparently they have to take the editing class for their degree, and a friend of mine who teaches the class wondered if I’d be willing to be their query package…so of course the synopsis is a load of tripe deliberately.  Otherwise they’d have nothing to critique.  That’s my excuse….

I think all the pieces are there.  I just have to put them in the best order.  Which won’t be easy, but I’ve put too much into this book to let it go now.

And then comes the query process!  I’ll definitely blog about that.


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