Land of the Midnight Sun

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September 1, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Stephenie Meyer, author of the teen series that made creepy abusive relationships a-ok if the man in question is a sparkly vampire (I seem to have been much less hostile in my original review, for some reason), is yanking the ‘final’ book in the series because a draft was leaked on the internet. I say ‘final’ because it’s actually a retelling of Twilight from the sparkly vampire’s point-of-view.

Now, the basic situation here really sucks. If you send out a manuscript to someone you trust, it’s a betrayal to find it splashed all over the web [though Meyer implies there were multiple steps here, rather than the person she sent it to deliberately leaking it]. I don’t want to seem flippant about that. (And I’m not even going to touch the conspiracy theories that Meyer engineered this to get sympathy and/or more attention, which has about as much value right now as debating the parentage of Trig Palin.)

(Which, if you buy the story that he’s actually – er, sorry. NOT discussing. Moving on.)

But I’m kind of amused by the range of news headlines about this.

eFluxMedia: Meyer Keeps Fans In Suspense With “Midnight Sun” Due To Online Leak. I really think ‘suspense’ is the wrong word when the book is a retelling of another book. The character arc will be different, of course, but the basic plot is the same. Bella is not going to become a heroin addict and mow down the Cullens in a drug-induced frenzy. (Though I would definitely read that book.) ‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Puts ‘Midnight Sun’ On Hold. Probably the most accurate. If she’s that passionate about the Edward story, she’ll go back to it – even though it sounds as though it began as sort of a cross between a writing exercise and fanfic.

Horror Yearkbook: Twilight Author Throws Hissy Fit Over Last Book. Well, that’s a bit harsh.

But whichever line is most accurate, it’s still pretty gutsy of Meyer to put the entire draft online. I don’t know about other authors, but I’m pretty nervous about working with the curtain up.


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