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August 8, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

So after several days of online mahjongg hard work, I finally have my partial ready to submit to the agent whose expert consideration I won in the Brenda Novak auction.

(I also have the smell of smoke in my hair. Seriously, how the heck did I burn a bagel so badly in the microwave that wreaths of smoke poured out?)

So I e-mailed the partial to The Agent and copied it to my gmail account. Upon reviewing it – noting with grumpiness that my e-mail client broke all the lines badly, but at least the actual submission looks as though it went through properly – I found that Gmail had seized upon the key words in the e-mail and provided helpful suggestions in the sidebar ads. To wit [URLs suppressed]:

– You should write a book. [Ghostwriter]
– Writing a Book? [Website]
– Non-Fiction Book Agency.
– Want to Self Publish?
– Publish Your Book Today.

With that last one, I don’t even NEED an agent! Gosh, how ironic.


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