Random things


August 2, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Oh, let’s see. For a start, one of the main reasons I don’t bother with social networking sites is because I figure anyone who wants to track me down can punch my name into a search engine and find me. While I’m not the only person of my name on the internet, there aren’t heaps o’ others, and narrowing down the list doesn’t take long. This presumably becomes even less difficult if you run across my name in a location that makes sense with what you knew about me in the past. I’ve been writing since age 13 and an avid reader since I taught myself at age 3 or something like that [poss. family legend, but it sounds good]; if you find someone with my name on any halfway literate forum, that’s likely to be me.

And someone found me! – a woman I knew in college who changed her name so I couldn’t find her myself. I always had the horrible feeling that the only people who would bother to say hello would be people I never wanted to hear from again – I have a couple of ex-boyfriends who fit quite snugly into THAT particular category (I hasten to add, these relationships were brief to barely existent) – so it was great to hear from someone I liked and wondered what had happened to.

In other random news, one of my Evil Editor writing exercises got picked up by a website which did one of those ping thingies. Unfortunately, being the self-proclaimed industry leader for fitness products & advice should rightly mean not merely picking up every blog entry with ‘exercise’ in the title. Admittedly, I did work out for half an hour today. Mens sana and all that.

I feel that an entry of random things should have at least three things, but I can’t think of a third. Thundercat finding the soles of my shoes intriguing? That I got a search engine hit for ‘books about iowa “thundercat”‘ and I have no idea what that means? Next time I write a random entry, I will try to be a little more random. But few people come round on the weekend anyway, so maybe two random things is sufficient.


One thought on “Random things

  1. kicking_k says:

    I’m here!

    I also taught myself to read aged three, using those magnetic letters on the fridge (according to my mother). Three sounds early, but I remember being able to read by the time I went to nursery school, and yes, I’d have been three then. I’m sure there are plenty of us around.

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