Writing exercise: EE horror story


July 15, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Another Evil Editor writing exercise: Write a scary scene from a horror story involving Evil Editor. EE may be the villain or the character being haunted/chased/tormented. (Posted on the blog.)


The door to Evil Editor’s office stood ajar. Long shadows crept down the hallway towards the elevator…the broken elevator, where the floor indicator kept saying ‘ding!’ but no elevator ever stopped.

*tap tap*

Since the horrible accident involving an industrial shredder and a fifth of blended Scotch, no one had crossed the threshold of the shrine of Evil Editor’s office. Stories were whispered at the PW lunches, but no one had dared to discover if those stories were true.

*tap tap tap*

Mrs. V. pressed her back to the wall, wishing like hell she hadn’t worn the four-inch Christian Louboutin slingbacks.

As one thin finger of darkness tapped inquisitively on Mrs. V.’s ankle, she gulped a last breath of air and fled towards the open door.

*tap tap tap SLAM!*

Thrown to her knees, Mrs. V. gasped. With one hand she wrenched off her left shoe. Its sole was oozing red….

“Goddamn knockoffs!” She hurled it away.


“Ouch! Watch it, lady.”

The long gray curtains were closed, infusing the room with a crepuscular light. Heaped on the desk, piles of paper wavered in towering ziggurats.

And behind the desk…a hunched, shadowy form chewed on the end of his pen, and cursed.

“Evil? Is that you?” Kicking off the other shoe, Mrs. V. tottered to her feet. “Are you back?”

“Back, front, it’s all the same when you’re a ghost. Until I finish editing this manuscript I can never rest. It’s everlasting torment! Who knew Satan ran a Brenda Novak auction?”

The tapping of Evil Editor’s pen against the desk increased to an inhuman speed.

Covering her ears, Mrs. V. shouted, “I set you free, Evil Editor! I set you free!”

Light flooded the room.

A pen dropped to the floor.

The desk was empty.

“Ding!” the elevator chimed.


2 thoughts on “Writing exercise: EE horror story

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  2. Alexandra says:

    Loved your scene…the elevator is a nice touch. I’m glad EE gets a respite, or maybe he’s just gone on to the next scene. 🙂

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