Link soup for writers


June 10, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Too much work – both the writing kind and, alas, the ‘keeping-body-and-soul-together’ 9-to-5 slog – to think of anything interesting, so have some links.

Celebs who write children’s books. No analysis here, just a list. Are any of these books any good? Any readers who have children who wish to be guinea pigs? Let me know in a comment.

Alanis Morissette’s writing is apparently an outlet for her anger. Um, and ‘You Oughta Know’ was a tender reminiscence?

One of those stories about a writer who didn’t have to query 1000000 agents before getting signed. But Stephanie Kuehnert only had to give pages to one, so that frees up the other 999999 for the rest of us. (Why the story’s lead talks about publishers, I don’t know.) Why isn’t the agent named, I wonder? The Caren Johnson Literary Agency sounds perfectly respectable.

And, finally, lots of expensive computer programs that claim to help you write your novel more easily. Look, I’m just happy that I don’t have to squint at the mistyped ‘teh’ while dabbing at it with a Liquid Paper brush. I think the brand name ‘StoryMill’ says it all.


3 thoughts on “Link soup for writers

  1. John says:

    The only special application I need for writing is TeXShop for Mac OS X and a LaTeX install.

    Ah, structured markup languages FTW, as the lolcats say.

  2. dfrucci says:

    When I do writing work on the computer, I go either use Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. That’s all I need. Nice post, with a generous deal of interesting articles.

  3. I also wondered why the lead in was about publishers and why my agent wasn’t named, too…. Caren Johnson is reputable and amazing. The book took well over a year to sell (not as easy as the article made it sound), and never would have sold if it weren’t for Caren. An agency worth checking out, esp for YA and Nonfiction and Caren just brought on a junior agent, so another person to query.

    Thanks for sharing the other links, you share very interesting articles!

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