Blog referrals the third


May 26, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

And it’s time for another look at what search terms have sent people to my blog.

typo eradication / jeff deck grammar / typo eradication advancement league

Alas, the quest has finished, but never fear: Jeff and TEAL continue on.

im totally into him is a correct grammar

It totally isn’t a correct grammar.

ho gauge equivalents

I officially apologize to model train enthusiasts who continue to be snookered by my use of metaphor into thinking that there will actually be anything about HO gauge in this blog.

getting photo off phone old memory card

Still not done that myself yet.

cover letter of a flight stewardess

I believe these days they’re more properly referred to as ‘flight attendants.’ If you’re old-fashioned, though, the traditional version might well include the phrase ‘coffee, tea, or me?”

pictures of someone writing

Surely this doesn’t even need a stock photo agency? Find someone, stick a pen in their hand, and voila!

grammar shame / my grammar shame

Not nice of you to refrain from sharing with the rest of us.

rejection means. .

If you don’t yet know, you will soon learn.

writing perfectly


absolute write is stupid

Are they? I have always been rather impressed by them.

dental implants comic strip pictures

File this under ‘I sure as heck wish I knew what they expected to find.’


One thought on “Blog referrals the third

  1. kicking_k says:

    Well… someone e-mailed me a while back to ask if they could use a picture on my Flickr as an illustration of a blogger. I thought that was a little odd. Perhaps they were desperate for authenticity?

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