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May 3, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

British politics is fun, in large part because their political spectrum is a lot wider than the Yankee version – I mean, sure, both countries have the Lunatic Fringe element (though the Brits have the Monster Raving Loony Party while the Americans are perpetually stuck with Lyndon Larouche), but the Londoners just elected a fascist to their assembly, while at most Yanks get a stray libertarian. (Do let me know if I’m wrong.) Also, that whole transferable vote thing.

Anyway, a friend of mine forwarded this ‘letter’ from Boris Johnson. It was not really written by Boris Johnson. It is a ‘joke’ or possibly ‘political satire’. It may only be funny to those who follow British politics. Enjoy!

Welcome to Borisville!

All left wing, liberals, weirdos and members of Not So New Labour please take the RED TUNNEL AND LEAVE YOUR VALUES IN THE LOCKERS PROVIDED

All right wing, blond haired conservatives please take the GREEN TUNNEL AND COME JOIN ME IN THE CLUB FOR CHAMPERS

All former guests and presenters of Have I Got News For You! who have ever insulted me please report to the Tower of London for immediate processing.

Please note that all London Buses are now Blue


Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
Despot of London

NB: If Schwarzenegger can get elected then so can I. David said so.


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