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April 18, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Curtis Brown agent Nathan Bransford explains that if you want to make him read your entire manuscript you have to be good enough not to miss the backboard. Well, he says it with a bit more finesse in the sports metaphor, and it’s an entry worth reading even if you consider basketball to be ‘ten really tall dudes running around in their underwear.’

Editorial Anonymous explains what happens after you send in the manuscript.

And, finally, Query Shark will take your query apart for you. So far there are only seven on the blog, and none of them got a response of ‘terrific!’ so it’s mostly useful in terms of ‘please tell me I’m not inadvertently making those errors.’ Also amusing.

[Still a few days left to use the discount coupon that Better World Books set up exclusively for readers of this blog! Details in this entry.]


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