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April 15, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

I can’t find any non-pay-for-them articles about this, but at various points in the recent past, you could drive up to your local post office on April 15 – at 11:59pm, natch – and not only drop that 1040 in the blue box, dripping blood from the sealed flap, but receive a copy of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land. I found one article snippet begging journalists to stop leading with ‘April is the cruelest month’.

Thankfully, chez Thundercat, April is a pretty decent month, but that’s because we earn so little money around here that we might as well fill out the form in crayon. Meanwhile, there’s always the Mad Magazine tax form:

Line A: How much money did you earn last year?

Line B: How much do you have left?

Send B.

[Still a week left to use the discount coupon that Better World Books set up exclusively for readers of this blog! Details in this entry. Buy some T.S. Eliot for your very own!]


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