April 4, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

First, a quotation from Jenna Crispin at Blog of a Bookslut, and when I say ‘quotation’ I mean ‘somehow she has crawled inside my head and read my most secret thoughts’:

I was checking for on-board restrictions for an international flight, and found I was only allowed to bring “A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight.” I foresee an argument about my definition of “reasonable” and theirs.

Books are the FIRST things I pack, and this is subject to endless revision up to the point when I’m holding the front door open and triple-checking that I have my passport. It’s a difficult matter to select books for traveling with (especially on international flights). You have to choose books that will hold your attention for the duration, but which can easily be jettisoned without regret when you finish them. Should you go with many short books, and risk wanting to ditch one or several before the flight even gets off the ground, or one seriously long book, and risk not finishing it before you arrive (and thus having to drag it around and try to finish it even though you are already buying MORE books for the return journey)? It’s very complicated.

But the good people at Better World Books are going to make it easier – or, rather, more difficult, but in a better way. Remember how in yesterday’s entry I urged you to go there and buy more books? DON’T DO IT!

Not yet, anyway. ‘Cause Jack from BWB left a nice comment and he’s going to come back and give my lovely readers (and me) a coupon! So wait until you get the coupon code and THEN go there and buy books. Remember: free shipping in the USA! (Books start at $3.48 so you’re already one-up on most used book sites.) And only $2.97 shipping per book internationally, which is astonishingly cheap (no per-order charge, either).

It’s a good thing Thundercat doesn’t take up much space and moves around a lot, because I’m going to need more shelves around here.


2 thoughts on “Booksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooks

  1. kicking_k says:

    Oh dear, this is possibly terrible. I have tons of books I want.

  2. betterworldjack says:

    Hey TS et al.

    Your coupon is going to be for 10% and will work for the next two weeks (ending on on the 22nd of April) so get out there and use it!

    coupon code: WRITINGMOSTLY10%

    Enjoy and thanks again!


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