Books read: March 2008, fiction


April 3, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Total books read: 13. Here’s the most interesting fiction:

D.H. Lawrence, Women in Love

I’m gonna save you from having to slog through 540 pages of D.H. Lawrence – specifically, what someone (I cannot for the life of me remember who, but I can’t find this online, so it must have been a print source, but where?!) summarized as ‘women having sex with men who look like D.H. Lawrence’:

suave loins of darkness

There you are. Now you can go do something else with your life. (Like, read other books. Have you checked out Better World Books? Free shipping in the USA!)

Incidentally, this book barely has any sex in it (with men who look like D.H. Lawrence or otherwise), so if that’s what you’re looking for you’ll be even more disappointed.

Sharyn McCrumb, Bimbos of the Death Sun

For a 1980s book about science fiction fandom, this book has aged fantastically well. I mean, there’s a clueless policeman who has to have this whole ‘computer discus’ thing explained to him, and you can tell the sf community was much smaller simply by the fact that this con has the roleplayers (D&D, and I don’t mean ‘advanced’) and the medieval re-enactors and the hard sf geeks and the readers of the endless faux-medieval series and the filkers and the short story writers and the scarf-wearing Doctor Who people AND the larpers all in the same hotel, and not terribly many of them at that. But the issues of fans identifying a little too much with their fandoms has only increased in the past twenty years, so if anything McCrumb was prescient, and the denouement of catching the murderer within the game is a classic.


One thought on “Books read: March 2008, fiction

  1. betterworldjack says:

    Hi Tracey! Thanks for the Better World Books love, I’ll come back and comment a little later with a coupon for you and your blog readers.

    Ah D.H… “Sex is the one thing you cannot really swindle; and it is the centre of the worst swindling of all, emotional swindling…. Sex lashes out against counterfeit emotion, and is ruthless, devastating against false love.”

    Pithy and legit, but perhaps not as racy as one might hope.

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