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March 31, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Back in the original blog referrals entry, people were shown to be finding this blog by means of searches on topics such as “interesting things to read” and “self-referential postmodern vignettes”. What have they been looking for recently?

things that never die / “rosenberg” march 7 2008 dies

These were searched for on the same day, so I’m feeling a bit creeped out right now. Thankfully, it is past March 7 2008.

reviews on amazon “made up”

*snort* Really?

nabokov quote undeveloped film

No idea what this means, but it sounds intriguing.

why did henry james let daisy miller die

Because the transgressive woman ALWAYS has to die. ESPECIALLY if she’s young and American. Because for her NOT to die means that society has to ACCEPT that she exists outside of ARTIFICIAL CODES OF FEMININE BEHAVIOR.

Not that I’m bitter.

computers are stupid

Yes. Yes, they are. But often not as stupid as the human using them.

postmodern vignettes

Three hits on this one? Bizarre. I am never going to be postmodern, except in that retro Tristram Shandy kind of way.

away is noun or verb ?

Adverb (usually). Oxford University Press will tell you everything you need to know.

willesden herald zadie smith letter

We are past that now.

writing letter asking for charity prizes

“Please give me a charity prize. Preferably a MOUSE!!1!!1! Yrs, Thundercat.”

swivet + colleen lindsay / “colleen lindsay” queried / “colleen lindsay” rejection / “colleen lindsay”

Sorry, I have never had professional dealings with this agent (or personal ones, for that matter), but lots of you seem to want commentary about her. Do let me know if she’s any good!


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