Why is it that the rejection means more than the acceptance?

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March 29, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

Entry title says it all, really. ‘Yay! Poem accepted. WAAAAAAH REJECTION *sob* *is sulky*.’

Didn’t win or place in the Fylde Brighter Writers Writing Write Circle competition; have withdrawn the story from their proposed anthology as I want to keep it in circulation. (It’s currently with a place that records stories, but as they’ve barely updated in months, I’m not sanguine.) ETA a few hours later: turns out the information on the website wasn’t clear, and only the winning stories are being published, which is fine. Apparently I came close to winning a prize. That takes the sting out of it!

Did get a poem accepted – more cheerful than ‘Rats,’ which should make my mom happy, at any rate – so I’ll get info up about that when it’s all public. What pleases me particularly is that I submitted four poems – two written eons ago (one of them completely overhauled) and two written last year – and the accepted one was one of the latter. So I’m not just dragging my old stuff around.

I’m guessing I’m not a Freedom in Fiction finalist, though technically their notification date is Monday, so I’ll save the sulking until then. I haven’t done much, if anything, with the two submitted chapters, and that’s always a tough moment, going back to rejected material and cringing at it. Sally Q has a good entry about the moment you kick yourself for having taken your eye off the ball.


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