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March 19, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

One of the big cliches in modern science fiction – probably right up there with ‘a spaceship with two people arrive on a planet, and their names turn out to be Adam and Eve’ – is a time traveler going back in time to kill Adolf Hitler. That in and of itself has become a cliche, but here are two funny takes on it:

1. a Subnormality comic strip: The home of Adolf Hitler, 1933: Doubt sets in

2. a very short story: Wikihistory

The latter, though, is completely unbelievable. Not because of the time travel, but because everyone on that forum uses correct grammar and punctuation. I can suspend disbelief, but some things go beyond that. *grin*

Also in the realm of the unbelievable: Arthur C. Clarke died. Night has fallen.

I’ve never been a Discworld fan. I know, I KNOW, but I just never got into the books. Hang on, let me check which ones I’ve read. I know I ditched Hogfather partway through, but I completed The Light Fantastic, Guards! Guards!, Equal Rites – huh, I could have sworn I read The Color of Magic, but it isn’t on my list. Anyway, feel free to shriek ‘but you need to read [x]!’. I’m going to have to ignore you, though, because I have yards if not miles of unread books.

However, my opinion of his novels aside, it is a shame that Mr. Pratchett has Alzheimer’s. He recently donated a lot of money for research, and fans are trying to match his donations. Over at the Donald Maass Literary Agency, agent Jennifer Jackson (who I’m guessing has a license to kill your e-mail if you send an attachment without permission) is making a very nice offer:

To the person reading this blog that makes the highest donation by midnight on Saturday, the 22nd (and sends me some verification thereof), I will read and review your synopsis plus 50 (or so) pages of a work-in-progress (limited to novel-length fiction in the adult/YAgenre categories I actually represent). Go to the entry to get logistical details.

Alas, I don’t think I can donate nearly enough to be in the running, but if any of you do, please let me know!


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