Maybe I peaked in junior high

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March 16, 2008 by Tracey S. Rosenberg

So, was Tracey always a literary geek? Let’s look at some of her report cards from 7th and 8th grade (newly unearthed from a storage box)!

Ooh, apparently I passed my constitution tests. This explains, er, nothing at all.

7th grade. Language Arts I has subgroups of writing/literature/grammar/spelling (sadly, in no case is a subgroup given any mark), and Language Arts II focuses more on creative writing, oral communication, and reading development.

Notes from the teachers over the course of three marking periods (some are too faint to read; it’s one of those forms where I get the carbon copy):

  • Term 1: Tracey has done very well this term!
  • Term 2: Talented writer! – Mrs. G.
  • Term 2: Tracey slid to a 90%. I hope she moves back to an A!
  • Term 3: Tracey did well during the poetry unit. She has been a pleasure to teach.
  • Term 3: Terrific reader! [NB I was reading at least five grade levels ahead of myself while in kindergarten. I’m totally special.]

Keep that comment from Mrs. G. in mind. We’ll be hearing more from her later.

Surprisingly, I got straight As in mathematics that year, but elsewhere received a smattering of the usual ‘could do better’ and ‘a little more effort’. Yeah, yeah.

8th grade: same categories, but with the addition of ‘completed required outside reading’. No mark in either the yes or the no column, though, so we remain forever mystified. This could be the start of one of those sitcom episodes where the character finds they are lacking 4 credits and have to go back to high school. Wacky hijincks ahoy!

  • Term 1: alas, my A in LAI is balanced out by a B in LAII (which seems to have focused on ‘writing’). I gave a ‘super effort’ in the former and in the latter I seem still to be working on my exposition skills though I have ‘excellent style’.
  • Term 2: Flip-flop! B in LAI, but an A in LAII – creative writing/oral communication. Oh dear, I missed an A by two points. I bet that’s on my permanent record. (Scraped an A in mathematics, though.)
  • Term 3: More ‘super effort’ but I got an A this time! But only an A- in reading development. And my mathematics dropped to a B, with the tart note ‘math wasn’t always a priority during class for Tracey.’ Yes, I think this was my ‘reading under the desk’ term. The words ‘a cap b’ and ‘a cup b’ are dimly wafting out of memory, but I’m pretty sure I was reading Tolkien at this stage, so who cares?

The best comment, though, was from my cheerleader Mrs. G. in the second term of LAII (that A in creative writing); maybe this is why she wrote no comment in term 3, having said it all already:

Sterling writer! She should become a professional writer! I love her papers! A joy to teach! Mrs. G.

Ah, Mrs. G, whoever and wherever you are: thanks for the vote of confidence.


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